TIL for Brands

Companies exploring emerging platforms are challenged to create successful programs in landscapes that often lack standard practices or even model examples.

TIL's approach involves mapping a brand's DNA to the targeted channel, learning from the platform's community to see what organically works, and developing culturally relevant ideas for a natural fit between brand promise and audience interest.

We help brands dial into the sweet spot between their goals, their audience, and what works on the given platform.

TIL works with our clients to identify which platforms or technologies are meaningful to their objectives. From strategy to tactical activation, we cultivate partnerships between market leaders and disrupters to create first-of-kind experiences. TIL helps brands tell their stories through the latest platforms and technologies.

Platform Focus: Reddit

While we speak many languages, we're Reddit specialists: helping brands get up to speed on the unique platform, designing community-focused engagement programs, and activating them both on and off Reddit.

With as many users as Twitter (about 330 million) Reddit is the 5th largest site in the world and regularly clocks more average minutes per day than Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Google, or Twitter. It's the elephant in the (chat)room.

But Reddit is a particular place, and harnessing it for programs or insights can be a bit tricky for brands or managers unfamiliar with the community. We're here to help get you up to speed on the platform so it can best work for your goals, from strategy to end-to-end project or community management.

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