TIL for Technology

Tech startups often have great technology for a world that is just around the corner. Emerging tech needs a clear story to communicate why it will be impactful in a rapidly changing world.

TIL helps clients sort the difference between product and prototype, and communicate the most interesting capabilities - often locked in the "Wilderness" of development - as reasons to believe, not as what's on offer today. We build roadmaps and go-to-market strategies that fit the value proposition promised to users, consumers, and clients.

TIL helps startups identify their market, tailor product features for it, and find early partners and customers to validate the technology and bring it to market. We build in the go-to-market strategy along the way to align launch programs to actual needs and available resources.

We've worked with a range of products but focus on Metaverse (AR/Web3) and Climate (AgTech, Renewable Energy Systems, Carbon Capture).